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Models with cable of the rht length and safety antishock connector allow the direct connection – without any adaptor – to the devices of the main defibrillators brands, that nowadays are present on the market.

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FIAB Euro Defi Pads are compatible with monophasic and biphasic defibrillators (manual, semi-automatic and automatic) and they comply with European Directives and International Standards (ANSI/AAMI DF-80, IEC/CEI/EN 60601-2-4, 60601-1, ISO10993-1).

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Easy to be used, they allow simple but specific and optimal clinical performances both in emergency cases and for elective uses.Please open the compatibility list for the complete models range.

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Thanks to the hh quality of the solid gel, to the excellent adhesivity and to their particular shape, they perfectly spick to the patient’s skin and grant an homogeneous and uniform distribution of the current on all the conductive surface of the pad The low impedance values grant a low stimulation threshold and allow to make a very effective transcutaneous non invasive pacing with the minimum trouble for the patient.

Zoll e series manual:

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