Whirlpool corporation gas dryer repair manual

How do you troubleshoot a Roper electric dryer?

Troubleshooting and repairing a clothes dryer that blows cold air may not be a project for a beginner.

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No matter whether the dryer is heated by electricity or gas, to troubleshoot and repair it effectively requires familiarity with the use of a dital or analog multimeter, knowing how to use it to make continuity and resistance readings.

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Most Whirlpool dryers have a schematic wiring diagram glued to the back or inside of the dryer's cabinet.Since the dryer motor operates on 120 volts, the motor continues to operate, but the dryer's heating element does not work because it needs 240 volts -- which requires both hot legs.

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Although it is not common, it is possible the problem with an electriy heated clothes dryer is a partially tripped circuit breaker, where only one of the hot legs trips open, while the other remains closed.

Whirlpool corporation gas dryer repair manual:

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