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Which fuel should I use in my Victa 2-Stroke lawn mower?

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Victa recommends the use of Regular Unleaded Fuel (RON 91) in Victa 2 stroke engines.

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Why are there different warranties on different models? Virtually all Victa mowers are assembled at Victa's factory in Moorebank NSW, from components sourced mostly from local businesses.Make sure that you have your proof of purchase whan you take your mower top the Servicing dealer. After that time, most petrols begin to deteriorate and become less effective.

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Fuel with Ethanol additive up to 10% may be used (Regular Unleaded with E10)What do I need to do if I need to get my mower serviced under warranty? For peak engine performance, it's wise to only store fuel for about 4 weeks.

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