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Anesthesia in New World Primates - itrichid Husbandry.

The squirrel monkey–s natural range extends from coastal areas of eastern Brazil and French Guiana (east) to Peru (west); Columbia, Venezuela, and Guyana (north); and Bolivia and central Brazil (south).

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There are also two small, isolated habitats of squirrel monkeys in Central America on the western coasts of Panama and Costa Rica.

Anesthesia in New World Primates - itrichid <strong>Husbandry</strong>.

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Squirrel monkeys consist of four species and nine subspecies ( Hershkovitz, 1984 ); however, only two species ( Squirrel monkeys have the largest range of all New World primates. Frequently, wild populations are found living in close proximity to human settlements, which indicates that they are among the most adaptable of the neotropical primates.The squirrel monkey/James Louis Kupper; William Edward Britz; USAF School of Aerospace Medicine.

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Use in biomedical research -- Anatomy and physiology -- Housing and husbandry -- Bacterial diseases -- Viral diseases -- Parasitic diseases -- Dental diseases -- Metabolic diseases -- Experimental diseases -- Surgery.

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