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See this article for more information.&New Line;&New Line;&New Line; Putting your Mac to sleep immediately Your Mac will immediately sleep when you do any of the following, regardless of your Energy Saver preference settings: A computer uses considerably less power when in sleep mode than when awake.

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The computer will continue to power RAM in sleep mode, so that whatever was in RAM when the computer went to sleep will still be there when the computer wakes.

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This also means that computers with more RAM use slhtly more power in sleep mode.&New Line;&New Line; Note: Portable computers have no network connectivity when in sleep mode, but can wake if the Energy Saver option "Wake for network access" is enabled.If you set the "Display sleep" slider lower than the "Computer sleep" slider, the display will sleep (if possible) once the computer has been idle long enough.

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&New Line; You can indicate if displays should sleep or if hard disk(s) should spin down when the computer is idle.

Os x manual hibernate:

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