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Never Say Die - Will Hobbs - Hardcover -

Bachmann Minor surgical procedures in remote areas Medecins San frontiers Mountainman crafts and ss - David Montgomery Moving Heavy Things - Jan Adkins Naked into the wilderness - John & geri Mcpherson Naked into the wilderness 2 - John & Geri Mc Phearson Never say die Canadian Military New way of the wilderness - Calvin Rutstrum No need to Die - Eddie Mc Gee Northern Bushcraft - Mors kochanski Nutrition in medicine - Simon P.

Never Say Die Canadian Survival Manual.pdf

In alphabetical order: Title - Author Books: 98.6 Degrees the art of keeping your ass alive - cody lundin A Collection of Indenous Indonesian Technologies - Cra Thorburn A cook on the wild side - Hugh fearnley-whittingstall Adrift - Steven ahan Aids to Survival W. Police Academy Command & Land Operations unit Animal Traps and Trapping - James A. Surviving Australia - Sorrel Wilby Tanning at Home - W. Kelly The Fungal Pharmacy Robert Rogers The Humanure Handbook - Jospeh Jenkins The Hunting peoples - Carleton S. rogers, et al Physiology of Acute Starvation in Man - George F.

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B Farnham Homegrown sun dwellings Peter Van Dresser How to **** in the woods - Kateen Meyer How to make tools - Christiansen & Bernard Zubrowski How to stay alive in the woods Bradford Angier How to survive in the bush, on the coast, in the mountains of New Zealand Lt B. Elpel Passport to Survival - Esther Dickey Performing in extreme environments - Lawrence E. Watts Primary Diagnosis & Treatment, in Developing countries - Daniel E. Chartrand Snow Caves - Ernest Wilkinson South Sea Lore - Kenneth P. survival hand book - John Wisman The Ships Medicine Chest and Medical Aid at Sea - U. Department of Health and Human Services The Sling for sport and survival - Cliff Savage The survival handbook - Raymond mears The traditional bowers bible - numerous authors The Trappers Bible - Dale martin The Tribal Living Book - David levinson & David Sherwood The Ultimate desert Handbook - Mark Johnson The Ultimate encyclopaedia of Knots and rope work - Geoffry Budworth The wilderness handbook Paul Petzoldt The Wilderness Route finder - Calvin Rutstrum The Winter Wilderness Companion - Garret conover & Alexandra Conover The Woodsman and Craft Book (1910) Hoffman ??

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