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Never Say Die - Will Hobbs - Hardcover -

Bachmann Minor surgical procedures in remote areas Medecins San frontiers Mountainman crafts and ss - David Montgomery Moving Heavy Things - Jan Adkins Naked into the wilderness - John & geri Mcpherson Naked into the wilderness 2 - John & Geri Mc Phearson Never say die Canadian Military New way of the wilderness - Calvin Rutstrum No need to Die - Eddie Mc Gee Northern Bushcraft - Mors kochanski Nutrition in medicine - Simon P.

Never Say Die Canadian Survival Manual.pdf

There have been a number of threads recently about Bushcraft books and some suggestions about making a list of books which people can look though when deciding which book to acquire next. pope Arctic Manual - Vilhjalmur Stefanson Army manual of Hygiene and Sanitation 1934 - Mo D Automotive operation and maintenance (for Pioneer roads) E. Elpel British Trees in Colour - Cyril Hart, illus Charles Raymond Bush Arts Mors Kochanski Bushcraft - Richard Graves Bushcraft How to Live In The Jungle And Bush Bushcraft Ss and How To Survive In The Wild - Anthonio Akkermans Cache Lake Country - John J. Watters Complete book of survival - Eddie Mc Gee Country Woodcraft - Drew Langsner Craftsmen of Necessity - Christopher williams Culpepers herbal remedies - Nicholas Culpeper Deadfalls and snares - A. Wheat Survival How to Prevail In Hostile Enviroments - Xavier Manuet Survival Psychology - John Leach Survival ss of native California - Paul D. Vogel The poachers handbook - Ian Niall The Practical Mushroom encyclopaedia - peter jorden & steve wheeler The Prairie Traveler handbook for overland expeditions (1859) Randolph P. Mason Woodsmoke - Richard & Linda Jamison Wound Management - Jill A.

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The following is my personal bushcraft book collection, its not particularly large and certainly not all inclusive but I am happy to say that they have all been of some value and I am happy to give my opinion of any title if asked. Christopher Cone Axe Manual of Peter Mc Laren Peter Mc Laren Basic Blacksmithing - David Harries and Bernhard Heer Being your own Wilderness Doctor Dr. R Harding Deep Survival - Laurence Gonzales Desert expeditions Tom Sheppard Desert Survival Tips, Tricks & Ss -Tony Nester Ditch Medicine - Hugh L. Cambell Survival Ss of the North American Indians - Peter Goodchild Survival Wisdom & Know How - the editors of stackpole books Survival, how to prevail in hostile enviroments - Xavier Manuet Survive the savage sea - Dougal Robertson Survive Clay Blair, Jr. David Pampets & Booklets: pioneering knots and lashings - Scout Troop 24 Sea survival - Ministry of defence Arctic survival - Ministry of defence Jungle Survival - Ministry of Defence Basic wilderness survival in cold lacking snow - Mors Kochanski The compass - Mors Kochanski The two kilogram survival field kit manual - Mors Kochanski Basic wilderness survival in deep snow - Mors Kochanski Knife sharpening - Mors Kochanski Top seven Bush Knots and the Use of the windlass - Mors Kochanski tools of survival and survival training - Mors Kochanski Basic netting - Mors Kochanski Map use - Mors Kochanski 21 native edible plants - Mors Kochanski the Inuit snow house - Mors Kochanski Survival kit ideas - Mors Kochanski The simple cattail doll - Mors Kochanski Wilderness Steam Bath - Mors Kochanski When you meet a Black Bear - Mors Kochanski The Northern Nht Sky - Mors Kochanski Basic weather Knowledge - Mors Kochanski Winter Survival in the backcountry - unknown Winter Survival - BC Hydro Fickminnie Overlevnad - Lars Flt fox fire Numerous issues - numerous A Therapeutic Approach to Arctic Survival Rations - Terence a. East Namibia - Arno Leffers Handbok Overlevnad - Lars Flt Handbook of knots and splices Charles Gibson Hints to travellers Scientific and general (1883) Royal Geographical society Home manufacture of Furs and Skins - A. Hildrith RNAF How to survive on land and sea - US naval institute press Hunting with a Bow and arrow Saxton pope Improvised repairs to wheeled vehicles in the field (1943) British MOD Indian Fishing - Hilary Stewart Inner navation Erik Jonsson Into the primitive - Dale martin Knife Making - Bo Bergman Knowledge of the Ancestors - Ryan Leech Life at the extremes the science of survival - Frances Ashcroft Living off nature - Judy Urquhart Living off the land, a manual of bushcraft - Salt (Melbourne, Vic.) Manifold destiny - Chris Maynard & Bill Scheller Medicine for Mountaineering and other wilderness activities - James A. Fountain Primitive outdoor ss - Richard L Jamison Primitive Technology - Erret ahan Primitive technology 2, Ancestral Ss - society for primitive technology Primitive technology, a book of earth ss - society for primitive technology Ranger Medical Handbook US Army Special Operations Command Recipes for roughing it easy - Dian Thomas Rogers Herbal Manual Robert Dale Rogers Roughing it easy 2 - Dian Thomas Roughing it easy Dian Thomas Sahara overland - Chris Scott Sanitation Without Water - Uno Winblad and Wen Kitama Saskatchewan trapper training manual Saskatchewan Education Northern division Scouting for boys first edition - Baden Powell Search and Rescue Survival Training AF Reg 64-4 - US department of the air force Secrets of Eskimo Skin Sewing - Edna Wilder Shelters shacks and shanties - D. Beard Shifts and Expedients of Camp Life for Travel & Exploration (1871) W. Emory Staying Alive Maurice and Maralyn Bailey Survival - Chris & Gretchen Janowsky Survival advantage - Andrew Lane Survival and Austere Medicine - The Remote, Austere, Wilderness and Third World Medicine Discussion Board Survival arts of the primitive Paiutes - Margaret M. Trees & Shrubs of the Okavango delta, Medicinal uses and Nutritional value, volume 1 & 2 - Veronica Roodt Tropical Forest Expeditions - By Clive Jermy and Roger Chapman Uteliv - Lars Flt Vehicle Dependant Expedition Guide - Tom Sheppard Village Technology Handbook - Volunteers in cal Assistance Vinter Farden - Lars Flt When All Hell Breaks Loose - Cody Lundin Where there is no Dentist - Murray Dickson Where there is no doctor - David Werner Wild Food - Gordon Hillman & Ray Mears Wild Food - Roger Phillips Wilderness canoeing and camping Cliff Jacobson Wilderness Survival Guide - Monty Alford Wilderness Survival Manual - BC Hydro / W. Floyd Wildwood wisdom - Ellsworth Jaeger Winter wise - Montague Alford Wood Conserving Stoves a Desn Guide - Volunteers in cal Assistance Woodsmanship Bernard S.

Scouter Manual - A Scouter's Guide to The. -

In alphabetical order: Title - Author Books: 98.6 Degrees the art of keeping your ass alive - cody lundin A Collection of Indenous Indonesian Technologies - Cra Thorburn A cook on the wild side - Hugh fearnley-whittingstall Adrift - Steven ahan Aids to Survival W. Police Academy Command & Land Operations unit Animal Traps and Trapping - James A. Surviving Australia - Sorrel Wilby Tanning at Home - W. Kelly The Fungal Pharmacy Robert Rogers The Humanure Handbook - Jospeh Jenkins The Hunting peoples - Carleton S. rogers, et al Physiology of Acute Starvation in Man - George F.

Never say die canadian survival manual.pdf:

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