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Grosse Pointe Farms MI 48236 USA 313-884-1139 email: ultrame…@net or: ad…@detroit.****NOTICE**** ULTRAMED, INC. This is a hy specialized instrument that combines ECG with SEISMOCARDIOGRAPHY for increased diagnostic accuracy. $ 485.00 DATASCOPE ACCUTOR-2A NIBP monitor (no printer) $ 650.00 CRITIKON Model 847XT Neonate N. The stain combination, casually referred to by pathologists as "H and E" yields pink, orange, and blue sections that make it easier for us to distinguish different parts of cells. This que allows one to examine histologic sections within a few minutes of removing the specimen from the patient, but the price paid is that the quality of the sections is not nearly as good as those of the permanent section. The specimen is a liquid, or small solid chunks suspended in liquid.

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Has available for immediate sale equipment as described in attached INVENTORY LIST NO. All equipment has been used in research and/or clinical applications. A preliminary multi center trial validated this technology in 1992. $ 850.00 PHYSIO-CONTROL ‘Lifestat 200′ NIBP with printer. Typiy, the nucleus of cells stains dark blue, while the cytoplasm stains pink or orange. Still, a sed pathologist and a knowledgeable surgeon can work together to use the frozen section’s rapid availability to the patient’s great benefit. This material is smeared on a microscope slide and is either allowed to dry in air or is "fixed" by spraying or immersion in a liquid.

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Many of these items are priced as low as ten percent of orinal cost. $ 600.00 CAMBRIDGE (Picker) Model CM-3000 ten lead (3) channel ECG $ 850.00 BURDICK E-310 ten lead (3) channel ECG. This unit sold for over $20,000.00 in 1992 and is in pristine condition. The fixed smears are then stained, coverslipped, and examined under the microscope.Comes with 7.5 Mhz 6mm short focus probe and 5.0 Mhz 10mm short focus probe and 5.0 Mhz Pencil probe for CW and PW doppler. $INQUIRE$ SHIMADZU Model SDU-700 Sector/Linear Diagnostic Ultrasound System. $2,450.00 TELEMETRY SYSTEMS ***************** MENNEN Telemetry system. $ 475.00 ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHS – ECG’s *************************** HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 4700 "Pagewriter" ECG. Does (2) Channels of EKG and Two Pressures and Two Temperature inputs. The procedure can be terminated at that point, sparing the patient the discomfort and inconvenience of repeated sticks. THE GROSS DESCRIPTION The pathologist begins the examination of the specimen by dictating a description of the specimen as it looks to the naked eye.

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We believe that this represents exceptional value for quality equipment from leading manufacturers. $1,250.00 TELEMED three channel, ten lead electrocardiograph. Ideal for research in this exciting area of cardiology. Like the frozen section, smear preparations can be examined within a few minutes of the time the biopsy was obtained.

Hp 43110a defibrillator service manual:

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