How to do manual stimulation

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The first is held in the "flat" of the left hand, with the flat of the hand being applied against the end of the glans of the penis.

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The compresses we have used were of the thin (half-inch) man-made dishwashing "sponges" that are about 8 inches by 10 inches.

Dital <i>Stimulation</i> - Shepherd Connection

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These are submersed in hot water (55 degrees Celsius), and squeezed out immediately before application.By Jos Mottershead A reprint of Jim Crump's paper on the que can be found on the Roanoke AI Labs web site by "clicking" here (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Dital Stimulation - Shepherd Connection

This is a hands on demonstration for dog breeders to learn how-to stimulate the dog's penis, slip a collection hood over the penis and then gather the sperm rich ejaculate.

How to do manual stimulation:

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