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I use it only in the winter months (and usually only a few days of the week during the winter season). The other day, I had it on and noticed that there were sparks and it appeared that there was electrical problems randomly starting while the unit was running. The other nht I was watching TV with my wife and she screamed "the heater is on fire".

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I turned the unit off and tried to restart it after it cooled down, Same concerning electrical sparks and seemed to almost catch fire. I unplugged the heater and the plug was on fire and missing one of the prongs to the plug.

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I shut the unit off and will not use it ever again. I am glad I was present when I noticed anything wrong and very grateful that it did not result in a house fire or worse. Thank God we were not asleep and the house caught on fire.I purchased my Honeywell space heater about 2 years ago. 2 years and only use it in the winter months which is about 5 weeks out of the year and we don't use it every day for that time.

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Voltage, or volts, is a measurement of the difference between two electric fields (in heating terms, the difference between the Earth's electrical field and the electricity running through your wires).

Honeywell space heater owners manual:

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