From auto to manual conversion

You mht have blown up your 700R4 or T5 transmission, and now want to bolt in something much stronger.

Mini Automatic to Manual Conversion Basic Information

You can use a race prepared 700R4 transmission, but what fun is that?

Mini Automatic to <i>Manual</i> <i>Conversion</i> Basic Information

Classic Mini - Convert from automatic to manual transmission

The T56 transmission from a '93 to '97 f-body is almost a bolt in modification. When you go to a junkyard to get your donor parts, you will need to get almost everything from your donor car. If you can get a 94 or newer transmission, it has a wider gear ratio (with a .5 overdrive) so you can run 4.11's and still get great hhway mileage.The Richmond 6 speed is pretty nice, but at over $2000, its too expensive for most of us.

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Shifting through 6 speeds is where it's at, whether for road racing, or fun on the street.

From auto to manual conversion:

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