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The Tremec TKO is another bolt in alternative, but why have 5 speeds when you can have 6 for the same price?

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Besides, the T56 can officially withstand more torque (around 425-450 ft-lbs).

Classic Mini - Convert <b>from</b> automatic to <b>manual</b> transmission

Classic Mini - Convert from automatic to manual transmission

The T56 transmission from a '93 to '97 f-body is almost a bolt in modification. When you go to a junkyard to get your donor parts, you will need to get almost everything from your donor car. If you can get a 94 or newer transmission, it has a wider gear ratio (with a .5 overdrive) so you can run 4.11's and still get great hhway mileage.You can use a race prepared 700R4 transmission, but what fun is that?

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You mht have blown up your 700R4 or T5 transmission, and now want to bolt in something much stronger.

From auto to manual conversion:

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