Ford ranger 1996 factory manual

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Your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicle has a recommended Maintenance Schedule desned to keep it running its best by providing exactly what your vehicle needs, when it needs it.

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Maintenance intervals for most 2007 and earlier Ford / LM vehicles are every 5,000 miles with the exception of 2007 Ford Edge, Lincoln MKX and Lincoln MKZ which are every 7,500 miles.

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For specific recommendations, see your Owners Manual, Dealership service advisor or qualified service professional.Fleet applications with extensive idling and/or low-speed driving for long distances as in heavy commercial use such as delivery, taxi, patrol car or livery need to follow 'Special Operating Conditions.' Ford recommends use of hour meters to adhere to a guide of 200 hours of engine operation equals a 3 month or 3,000 mile maintenance cycle.

Ford Truck Repair Manual - Trucks & SUVs -

*If you operate your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury primarily in one of the more demanding 'Special Operating Conditions', you will need to have some items maintained more frequently.

Ford ranger 1996 factory manual:

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