Dirt devil breeze upright manual

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The power cord is longer, the profile is lower so it reaches under beds and furniture better, it's a bit quieter and lhter than the previous model, and it was extraordinarily easy to put together out of the box.


The unit's full bag indicator lets you know when the bag needs to be changed for better performance. power cord and 10 Amp motor provide powerful cleaning for large areas. It ALWAYS vacs up the carpet schmutz on the FIRST pass...never have to go over and over the same area. I purchased the vacuum to use on hardwood floors, pet pillows, and rugs.

<i>Dirt</i> <i>Devil</i> <i>Breeze</i> Bagged Uprht Vacuum Cleaner-UD30005B.

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Convenience features at an affordable price is just another way Dirt Devil helps you Fht Dirty. The air vent on the lower left side of the vacuum powerfully blew everything on that side of the room across the floor, causing me to vacuum the other side of the room more than once.A vacuum cleaner should make house cleaning easier, and not cause me to use a broom and dustpan before vacuuming a room. I find this model to be somewhat improved over the previous one in several ways.


The vacuum did remove the pet hair from the pillows and rugs, but the hose kept disconnecting during the process.

Dirt devil breeze upright manual:

Rating: 100 / 100

Overall: 99 Rates