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Since an administrator can add more disks/partitions as they desire, LVM becomes a very viable option for changing storage requirements.

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Aside from the easy expandability of LVM, some data resiliency features are also built into LVM.

Distribution Release <i>Debian</i> GNU/Linux 8.0

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Debian’s stability paired with the flexibility of LVM makes for a hy flexible storage solution that anyone can appreciate.Debian Linux is a popular Linux distribution and caters to end user workstations as well as network servers.

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Before continuing with this tutorial, Tecmint offers a great review and overview of the installation of Debian 7.8 “Wheezy” which can be found here: Logical Volume Management (LVM) is a method of disk management that allows multiples disks or partitions to be collected into one large storage pool that can be broken up into storage allocations known as Logical Volumes.

Debian policy manual pdf:

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