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The Peterson VS-S Strobo Stomp is a compact (5″ x 4″ x 23?

Peterson 403867 SP-1 StroboPlus HD Handheld Strobe

8″) unit that will fit in any pedalboard, yet surrender nothing to its b brother VS-1 or to any strobe tuner of yore.

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Housed in die-cast aluminum, the VS-S oozes durability (Peterson’s website has a Strobo Stomp vs.In 2001, it took the technology into the dital age with its VS-1 Virtual Strobe Tuner, and in ’04 brought the concept of hyper-accurate tuning into the realm of the pedalboard.

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Since the mid 1980s, Peterson has been the only company in the world building strobe tuners.

Conn strobe tuner owners manual:

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