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5x28 cml Edwin [anss, Thousand Oaks, California 20 a purpose, other purposes." 9 He is also aware that humor alone is insufficient to sustain a piece and has said, "There has to be more to it than ariddle." 10 This primary "quality of idea" Westermann speaks of is not conceptual but is rather the embodiment of intense emotions.

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The images in Westermann's work are not metaphors or replicas of spe- cific meanings or events.

Saltwater People Log December 2014

Saltwater People Log December 2014

Rather, they function as allegori- cal containers or visual repositories of emotions extending beyond particular situations to more basic descriptions of the human condition. X 7 y t " (25 x 60.5 x 1 9.5 cm) Allan Frumkin Gallery, New York Death Ship Run Over by a '66 Lincoln Continental. Catalogue: foreword by Walter Hopps,- 24 pp., ill., bio. "Hgins, Price, Chamberlain, Bon- tecou, Westermann." Artforum, 2 (April 1964), pp.

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"The subject matter they assume," Westermann writes, "is irrelevant and is only a prop to hang feelings on (very strong feelings)." 11 Thus, for Wester- mann, specific meanings or rational understandings are not prerequisites for the appreciation of his objects.

Clifford 70.5x instruction manual:

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