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In other words, you plug your microphone or guitar directly into the interface, set the gain, and record. The majority of these are one of two connections – a coaxial S/PDIF connector and an optical connector.

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If you could explain to me or refer me to an article about how i could use these to expand my input channels that would be great. Josh can take a S/PDIF cable (which looks like an RCA cable) and run that from the ART to the Fast Track Pro, and BAM! Question What dital inputs do you have on your interface?

Using S/PDIF and ADAT Inputs Ask Joe Home Studio

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Maybe I have bad info and the S/PDIf have a totally different purpose but any help would be awesome. That means Josh can buy a 2-channel preamp with a stereo S/PDIF output and record FOUR channels of audio! I have S/PDIF I/O on my fast track pro and I was wondering if could use these to add more recording channels for drums. While S/PDIF is normally on a coaxial (RCA) connector, it CAN be on an optical connector. If the optical connection is an ADAT snal, it can carry not two but ehtchannels of audio (at 44.1 k Hz or 48 k Hz). If you’ve got something like a 003 interface, you may think you can only record 8 inputs, since it only has 4 mic inputs and 4 line inputs. You’ll notice it also has S/PDIF AND ADAT inputs on the back, meaning it can record 8 (analog) 8 (ADAT) 2 (S/PDIF) = 18 channels of audio.

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I have heard they function similar to ADAT ports but I wasn’t totally sure. If your interface has an ADAT optical input, you can add an additional eht channels of inputs into your system (with something like a Presonus Dimax). This may not be new for some of you, but for those of you who don’t know about ADAT and S/PDIF, this is AWESOME stuff to know. What ways could you expand your input count ditally?

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