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ALESIS Studio 32 Reference Manual - Barry Rudolph

The reason was as clear as its own crisp flawless sound, super-flat wide frequency range, clear imaging, hh-power handling and excellent bass transient response. With such a successful platform to build on, Alesis’ engineers wisely settled for incremental improvements desned to coax even better performance from our monitors.

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These features add up to a unique ability to create incredibly accurate mixes that translate perfectly to every playback system. They started with a new 6.5” polypropylene low-frequency driver for thter, more accurate bass response.

<b>Alesis</b> <b>Monitor</b> <b>One</b> Non MK2 Replacement Tweeter - ALL <b>ALESIS</b> SPARE.

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It didn’t take long to realize we had a hit on our hands.Monitor One became an instant favorite among professional engineers and studio owners, as well as earning it a place in countless home studios. Then matched it with a newly redesned, 1” pure silk-dome, hh-frequency transducer for even smoother, more accurate detail and response, and a broader sound stage.

Alesis Monitor1 MKII Channel Studio Monitor passive.

Just a few short months after its introduction, Alesis Monitor One Studio Reference Monitor was a winner of the prestious TEC Award, and on its way to becoming one of the most popular near field speakers on the market.

Alesis monitor one manual:

Rating: 94 / 100

Overall: 99 Rates