Zyxel p 660hw t1 v2 manual

ZyXEL P-660HW-T1 v3 Manual

Id be grateful if someone wiser could point me in the rht direction. Thats the way it was set when i received the router from my service provider, if i put it on 'Full NAT' my browser cant get to the

Zyxel P-660HW-T1 v2 Port fowarding -

The second menu is in Firewall Rules and it seems to have alot more options for protocol etc.

Port Forwarding - <i>ZyXEL</i> - P-<i>660HW</i>-T1

ZyXEL T1 - eir support

But i haven't touched this menu because im not sure of what it does. Libary_Short Name/P-660HW-T3_v2/user_guide/P-660HW-T3 v2_3.40The user manual doesn't really make things any clearer to me .One is in 'NATPortforwarding' (so I think to myself 'this is it') but i try to add the ports in the above image and i don't see options to specify what protocol i wish to use and on occasion it tells me i cant forward the option i wish to.

Firmware for Zyxel P-660 HW T1 v2 -

Now what I'm confused about is there are 2 menus in the router interface.

Zyxel p 660hw t1 v2 manual:

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