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Would you teach someone to play basketball using just chalkboard diagrams? Senator Bob Graham believes that US citizens should expand on their classroom learning about the political system: he spurs them to hit the court and actually play the game.

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Or would you get them on the court and have them play? If citizens work on an issue they care about, politics will become a meaningful and positive experience.

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Each chapter starts with a real case, showing citizens tackling a step in the process, and ends with a summary checklist and a series of questions that help readers put Graham's game plan in action.Identifying who in government can fix your problem -- Testing the waters: gauging and building public support for your cause -- Winning friends and influencing people: how to persuade the decision maker -- Timing is everything: using the calendar to achieve your goals -- All for one, and one for all: coalitions for citizen success -- All your news is fit to print: engaging the media -- The price of progress: finding the resources to support your initiative -- You've won!

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By offering readers concrete guidance, an array of resources, and advice for troubleshooting and overcoming barriers, this compact user's guide gets readers way beyond textbook learning. Defining the challenge that active citizenship can solve -- Just the facts, Ma'am: gathering information to sway policymakers -- The buck stops where?

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