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Head to the in-game cheat menu and insert the following passwords for the desired results…

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This game is the latest in a series of Rampage games from Midway stretching back to the mid-80s when Rampage was released in the arcades as the first (and practiy only) example of the Giant Monsters Wreaking Havoc genre of video games.

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This was quickly ported to the consoles of the time; notably the Sony Play Station.A decade later an arcade sequel came out, Rampage World Tour, which updated the graphics, enlarged the size of the city street and added more moves to the characters.

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To many who grew up watching Godzilla, Ultraman and any number of other Japanese giant robot/monster films and TV series it was like a dream come true to control one of these brutes and smash buildings and cars.

Wii cars instruction manual:

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