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In 2011, Kapil Sibal announced an anticipated low-cost computing device to compete with the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) initiative, though intended for urban college students rather than the OLPC's rural, underprivileged students.

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A year later, the MHRD announced that the low-cost computer would be launched in six weeks.

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The device was initially ed the Sakshat tablet, later changed to Aakash , which is derived from the Sanskrit word Akasha (Devanagari आकाश) with several related meanings, aether, empty space, and outer space. The aspiration to create a "Made in India" computer was first reflected in a prototype "Simputer" that was produced in small numbers.The tablet was officially launched as the Aakash in New Delhi on 5 October 2011.


Bangalore based CPSU, Bharat Electronics manufactured around 5,000 Simputers for Indian customers from 2002–07.

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