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T-L Irration Launches GPS Navation Linear System with RTK.

Equal water distribution over the length of a linear system reduces friction loss and lowers operating costs. a buried wire depending on the specific requirements. NEW: GPS navation for manual control single tower 4 Wheel linear systems.

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T-L's hydrostatic drive delivers continuous movement resulting in precise water distribution, which is critical to production when irrating and especially when applying chemicals through the system. T-L's exclusive spool valve guidance system assures accurate alnment for each tower.

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Only T-L Linear systems offer continuous movement for precise water management, custom desned for your application.There is no "start-stop" operation typical of electriy driven systems. Water can be drawn from a ditch or by "hose-drag" up to 200 m in length. Basic control is good for End Feed linears 200m to 400m and Center Feed linears 400m to 800m (recommended lengths).

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T-L linear irration systems consistently use nearly 50% less water than flood irration methods while allowing almost total coverage of the field.

T l irrigation service manual:

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