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Oh, and whether or not you want the option of a manual transmission.

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If you prefer rowing your own gears, the choice is made for you; there is no manual gearbox option available on the Charger Hellcat, or any Charger model at all, for that matter. Well, besides the fact that almost nobody – sorry, clutch fans, but it's true – would choose to buy a Charger with a manual transmission, that is?

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The answer, according to an industry insider in a post written on Jalopnik's Opposite Lock forum, is the floorpan.One of the differences is the floorpan, the huge chunk of sheetmetal that makes up the floor of the car and props up such essential items as the car's seats.

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It's probably not a surprise to most of our readers that the Dodge Challenger and Charger share a large portion of their chassis structure, which is codenamed LX at Chrysler, but there are still some snificant differences under the skin due to the shorter wheelbase and two-door coupe bodyshell of the Challenger, as opposed to the sedan shape of the Charger.

Srt8 charger manual transmission swap:

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