Srt8 charger manual transmission swap

B5 BLUE 2010 300C SRT-8 MANUAL TRANS - $32495 - Cleveland

One of the differences is the floorpan, the huge chunk of sheetmetal that makes up the floor of the car and props up such essential items as the car's seats.

Dodge Magnum SXT, first drive after manual

Oh, and whether or not you want the option of a manual transmission.

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If you prefer rowing your own gears, the choice is made for you; there is no manual gearbox option available on the Charger Hellcat, or any Charger model at all, for that matter. Well, besides the fact that almost nobody – sorry, clutch fans, but it's true – would choose to buy a Charger with a manual transmission, that is?Both of them send 707 ridiculous horsepower to the rear wheels; the only question is whether you want your absurdity delivered with two or four doors.

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Fans of truly irreverent amounts of horsepower will find lots to love in the form of the 2015 Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcat models.

Srt8 charger manual transmission swap:

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