Sony gdm-fw900 service manual

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Wherein the autotransformer is a centertapped autotransformer having a plurality of windings coupled via a magnetic core, and wherein a center tap of the autotransformer is coupled to an output of the amplifier.

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One winding is serially coupled to the focus electrode and the other winding is AC coupled by a capacitor to ground, in parallel with the amplifier output.

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The transformer steps up the amplifier output voltage and can reduce the voltage rating required of transistors in the autotransformer coupled between the amplifier and the focus electrode, the autotransformer having magnetiy coupled windings connected commonly and stepping up the predetermined amplitude for and driving the focus electrode.The amplifier output is coupled to a center tap of the autotransformer.


A parabolic snal is obtained or generated at a deflection frequency such as the horizontal scanning frequency and is applied as an input to the amplifier.

Sony gdm-fw900 service manual:

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