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Here, I mainly focus on telling you how to install, connect, uninstall and update the full version of Samsung Kies. With it, you can transfer files to and from your Samsung device, read messages and logs, sync contacts with Google, Outlook, Yahoo and more.

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More specifiy, with it, you can transfer music, video, photos, contacts and podcast from and to your Samsung phone and tablets.

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Backing up contacts, memo, S Planner, logs, messages, media, etc. Power off your Samsung phone or tablet and pull out the battery and note the S/N (Serial Number). Get your Samsung phone or tablet connected with a USB port. The uninstallation process will take you several minutes. Then, Kies Air begins to connect to your computer and shows a URL in its screen. Open the browser on your computer and input the URL to search. Besides the full version, there is also a minimalist version named samsung kies Mini. Samsung Kies Mini has fewer functions and it's mainly used to update some Samsung devices OS on Windows PC. To uninstall, Samsung Kies completely, you can rht click the task bar and choose Samsung Kies air is an Android APK file, which can be used to connect your Samsung device to the computer via Wi Fi and manage content on your Samsung device through the browser. Be sure the network on your Samsung device and PC should be the same.

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To the Windows computer and restore whenever you need them. To fix it, first of all, make sure you have installed the latest version of Samsung Kies on your PC. Just wait until the uninstallation process is finished. Don't worry, that is because kies is still running.

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