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Due to very potent toxins such as tracheal toxin, dermonecrotic toxin, and others, this infection has been associated with pulmonary hemorrhages and necrotizing bronchiolitis that results in blockage of the respiratory bronchioles.

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In addition, there is an immune response of inflammation whose hallmark is the dilation of blood vessels and increase blood flow to facilitate the mration of leukocytes to the site of injury.

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In the absence of a human model that can be used to study the vascular leukocyte recruitment to the respiratory system, as well as repair of tissue injury, we propose the use of an in vitro model of endothelial cells derived from embryonic stem cells (ESCs).Poster #: 1 Project Title: Modeling vascular endothelial cells to investate repair of pathogen derived lung injury.

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We hypothesize that vascular endothelial cells differentiated in vitro could provide endogenous repair mechanisms to replace dysfunctional endothelium in mouse model, and used as a potential application for tissue repair of pathogen related injury studies.

Pgem-t easy vector system technical manual:

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