Fruity loops studio manual

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Step 1: If you don’t own FL Studio 9, download and install the save-disabled demo (click here to download). Delete the sampler instruments in the step sequencer, and create a Drum Synth by rht-clicking the instrument slot and selecting Insert»Fruity Drum Synth Live.

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Rht-click the Drum Synth instrument slot and select Piano Roll to bring up the MIDI editor.

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Being able to see the actual MIDI note makes it easier, though, so change over to the larger view by clicking the bger of the two keyboard icons near the top left-hand corner of the window. Step 3: To edit the drum sounds, click the Drum Synth slot in the step sequencer, bringing up the instrument’s interface.By default, the keyboard interface shows the drum sounds on each of the keys.

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Select 909 Snare (B3) and copy the oscillator frequency settings shown used here - this turns our traditional snare into an abstract woodblock-style sound.

Fruity loops studio manual:

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