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Essentially, I'm trying to use these cameras to make short films on my computer. Or, do I have to run this thing through my BVP4-Plus or some other "middle-man" type of hardware? or is there no way of avoiding to buy a vintage Camera Control Unit? I'm Googling all kinds of stuff but its as if it knows nothing about of this stuff... I guess maybe I should find out how to get image onto monitor then use BVP4-Plus to adjust, then just some capture card on PC. Any other info on these now scarce cameras would greatly be appreciated. From the camera head itself, your only choice is regular, old fashioned composite video.

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There aren't any dital outputs available on this camera. There are various backs that can be attached to the camera that will allow you to pull component analog video from the camera head.

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I currently shoot with a Panasonic Omnimovie VHS camcorder that I convert all my footage onto PC and then edit.You could then take the component snals and go into an external device or card such as those from AJA or Blackmagic which would then ditize the snal and allow it to be "recorded" into a computer.


I'm trying to do something similar with this DXC-D30.

Dxc d30 user manual:

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