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The written test is based on your state's Driver's License manual, so before going any further you should find your state on the map above and click on it.

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This will take to a page from which you can download your states Driver's License manual so you can start studying rht away.

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The manual contains information about the different type of licenses, road sns, state traffic laws and safe driving information and regulations. Safe driving suggestions Section one is focused on ownership of vehicles and on some information about your relationship with the DMV.Before getting your driver's license you must pass a driving test.

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For example: You must pull over and stop at the side of the road for any emergency vehicle with its lhts or sirens on Sns in yellow with black lettering and symbols are usually warning sns What the maximum legal limit of blood alcohol is The drivers manual is broken up into 3 main sections: 1. Sections 2 and 3 are the ones focused on the rules on the road and are the section you really want to pay attention to when studying for your exam.

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