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ATI Radeon X800 Pro: The Radeon X800 Pro was capable of delivering a solid frame rate at 1280x1024 with 2x AA 16x AF.

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Feature - Half-Life 2 Evaluation - Bit-Tech

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Models are more widely available to the consumer, but supply is still not where either company would like it to be rht now.As you already know, the Ge Force 6800GT has 16 fragment pipelines compared to the Radeon X800 Pro's 12 fragment pipelines - this makes up for the raw megahertz deficit that the Ge Force 6800GT has and the theoretical throughputs of both video cards are very similar, which should mean that the real-world performance should be close, but it is often not the case.

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We have used the reference clocks for both the ATI Radeon X800 Pro and the NVIDIA Ge Force 6800GT, which are 475/900MHz and 350/1000MHz respectively.

Ati radeon x800 pro manual:

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