Alternator inspection and overhaul manual


After 20 years of owning and flying as a typical "appliance operator," he became increasingly involved in the maintenance of his third airplane, a 1979 Cessna T310R.

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Before long, Mike began assisting other owners to solve their thorniest maintenance problems as a member of the cal staff of the Cessna Pilots Association, and ultimately he earned his A&P ticket.

Pancake generator - Marathon Electric

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A staunch GA safety advocate and technology buff, Mike was almost single-handedly responsible for the introduction of pulse oximeters and dital carbon monoxide detectors into general aviation cockpits, and co-founded Aeromedix (with Dr.He started flying 40 years and 7,000 hours ago, bought his first airplane (a Cessna 182) four years later, and soon became a CFII.

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Mike Busch is co-founder of AVweb, and served as its Editor-in-Chief for more than seven years until it was acquired by Belvoir Publications.

Alternator inspection and overhaul manual:

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