Ubiquiti rocket m5 user manual

How to to the Ubiquiti NanoStation-M5 -

Make sure the Nanostation-M2 (Nano for short) “Main” LAN socket is connected to your computer’s network card with network cables, via the POE power injector (for a 12VDC power source, use a passive power injector rather than the AC one normally supplied).

Installationsanleitung für Ubiquiti-Geräte

There should then be at least one LED lit on the back of the Nanostation.

Setting up <strong>Ubiquiti</strong> Bullet as a WiFi Base Station - Telco

Setting up Ubiquiti Bullet as a WiFi Base Station - Telco

This guide is primarily intended for mobile users (boaters, campers and truckers) who often change access points.On the orinal Nanostation shipping box, find and write down the default IP address (we assume:, the user name and password (should both be “ubnt”).

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Fixed users can also use it, although there mht be other more suitable confurations for them.

Ubiquiti rocket m5 user manual:

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