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With its hundred-plus commercial-free music and talk stations, satellite radio has been winning converts among commuters who can't stand to hear another blaring promo or ad about hair-replacement therapy.

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But what about those times when you're in the bedroom, out in the backyard, or on a picnic, and you just need to hear Bluegrass Junction (XM 14), The '80s (XM 8), or the R& B stylings of The Groove (XM 64)?

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The advantage of this modular desn is that the radio unit can also snap into separately available car and home adapters--or additional boombox units--while using the same monty $9.99 XM subscription. Check out the Audiovox instead.) A built-in handle makes the boombox easy to carry.When paired with Delphi's (sold separately for $129 or as part of a $229 combo set), the boombox makes it possible to listen to XM satellite radio just about anywhere.

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Enter the $99 Delphi XM Sky Fi Audio System Boombox.

Delphi satellite radio boombox manual:

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