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That said, you’re going to be very limited in choices if you’re on a tht budget. In fact, if you have only $250 or so to spend rht now, there is a specific pistol that could be just what you’re looking for (and no, it’s not a Hi-Point).

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It’s the Taurus Millennium PT111 G2 in 9mm (or the PT140 in .40 S&W).

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Yes, Taurus has had a blotchy reputation in the past, but their Generation 2 line of guns released in 2013 is widely regarded as having massive improvements over previous models in nearly everything: ergonomics, build quality, reliability and accuracy.Despite its small size, the PT111 G2 still packs enough firepower to defend your home and family against multiple attackers.

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The PT111 G2, in particular, is a versatile little handgun that could be used for a variety of purposes, including concealed carry, home defense or as a disaster scenario sidearm. The PT111 G2 is a compact gun, which means it can be concealed on your person very easily; the total length of the gun is just under six and a half inches, and weht clocks in at a lht 22 ounces.

Service manual for taurus pt 140:

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