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History, appropriately enough, was my major as an undergraduate.

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The full story behind my switch from microbiology to the story of mankind (early Renaissance Europe, specifiy) is quite ridiculous and certainly not worth the telling, but the short version is that I was good at it, and more than that I enjoyed it.

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Whoever came up with the one about truth being stranger than fiction hit the nail on the head and then some -- if you don't believe me, I have a whopper about the sewers in 17th-century London that I think you'd get a kick out of.The first one is more interesting, but those of you who think strategy games began with Warcraft need to listen harder to the second one.

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I bring up the subject of history because the game at hand, Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI, gives me an excuse to teach two history lessons: one about the history that inspired the game, and another about the place it holds in the short, but eventful, history of gaming proper.

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