How does sequential manual auto clutch work

How Sequential Manual Transmissions Work!

That’s why when we see something like a Mk4 Toyota Supra in the classifieds with a drive selector poking out between the front seats rather than a stick shift, we tend to despair. At the top end of the scale, there are the dual-clutch units, so ed because you have one clutch for the odd gears and another for the even-numbered cogs, allowing for blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shifts.

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Hooked up to a brilliant engine, they can be sublime; that’s certainly the case with the seven-speed transaxle unit in the Mercedes AMG GT we briefly drove last week.

<b>Does</b> Having An Automatic Gearbox Always Suck? - Car Throttle

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Automatic gearboxes are so good these days, there are instances where I don’t actually mind having one over a manual, even if the latter will always give a little more involvement in the driving experience. DCT’s just fine by me; these things are all about raw pace, something my left leg and left arm will just muck up.ZF’s slick eht-speed transmission is scarcely slower than DCTs in some cars, and is jolly impressive in the new Jaguar XE.

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Even conventional single-clutch units are getting very, very good.

How does sequential manual auto clutch work:

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