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SIP Trunking Interface for Business Users Subscription based service for business customers worldwide (marketed actively in the US as a first step) Focus: Business can be reached for free by millions of Skype clients cal view: Connected like any another Vo IP provider (SIP trunking) Open Scape Office MX V2 and Hi Path 3000 V8R5 officially certified by Skype Voice ing - no presence, chat or video support SIP trunking SIP protocol Skype Connect Gateway protocol Internet Features and Conditions Inbound Skype s (up to 20 Mio users are online) - prospects, customers or teleworkers in for free business pays 4,95 per channel and month (up to 300 channels possible) Click-to- buttons at company web sites or in s Outgoing s with Skype to landlines and mobiles worldwide at low rates Inbound s from landline or mobile phones - online numbers available for 5,25 per month No additional hardware required Supports voice at standard business phones with full communication features No Skype client needed internally open SIP interface, no potential security risk Set up and manage accounts via web-based Skype Manager Interworking and Administration Open Scape Office / Hi Path 3000 A) Dial Skype names from Skype client or via web button Sales. My Company PSTN B) Dial Online Numbers from landline and mobile phones free s standard rates C) Receive s at phone or Skype device with Online Number, er ID optional SIP low rates Subscriber or assned to Business account is ed 400, 500 Subscriber or assned to Online Number is ed 420, 433 Dial external numbers via Skype Connect SIP trunk Open Scape Office / Hi Path 3000 Administration Define SIP profile Buy channel subscriptions Assn business accounts (Skype names) Buy online numbers (optional) Buy credit for outgoing s (optional) Confure Skype Connect as SIP provider Assn extension defined in business account to internal subscriber / Assn online number to internal subscriber / (optional) Confuration Example Company Architects Business Account = Skype name can be ed by Skype clients large number of accounts possible Online Number = PSTN number can be ed by external phones outgoing s to external phones maybe local number in another country Skype SIP profile = ITSP / SIP provider registration *) separate credit and channel allocation separate Business Accounts and Online Numbers *) maximum 32 registrations in Open Scape Office / Hi Path 3000 with one ITSP / SIP Provider Summary The Skype Connect Service is y just another SIP Provider Connection into our SMB platforms via SIP trunking More than 55 ITSPs have been tested and released with our SMB platforms (more info on our Siemens Enterprise page) No licenses are required on our SMB platforms for SIP Trunking Open Scape Office MX V2R1 is officially certified by Skype / tekvizion lab since March 2010 Hi Path 3000 V8R5 has been certified by Dec 4, 2010 Business Focus Receive inbound Skype s More information and cal details about Skype Connect can be found on the Skype Webpage How to use IP-0x to connect to Skype Product Guide Version: 1.0 2010-10-14 Content CONTACT ATCOM... Contact: 214-242-5900 1.1 Date: 10/14/2013 Copyrht 2013 by tekvizion PVS, Inc. More information 2N Voice Blue Next 2N Voice Blue Next & Siemens Hi Path (series 3000) connected via SIP trunk Quick guide Version 1.00 2N Voice Blue Next has these parameters: IP address Incoming More information 2N Office Route 2N Office Route & Siemens Hi Path (series 3000) connected via SIP trunk Quick guide Version 1.00 2N Office Route has these parameters: IP address Incoming port: 5060 More information Skype Connect Product Datasheet Copyrht Skype Limited 2011 Discover what Skype Connect can do for your business Provide connectivity between your business and the Skype community. 5 3.1 More information SIP Trunking, ITSP Checklist Note: This is not an official document of any kind so please do your own homework and research and also note that Vocale (owner of the SIP School) does not accept any responsibility More information ALLWORX SIP Trunking using Optimum Business SIP Trunk Adaptor and the Allworx 6x IP PBX Goal The purpose of this confuration guide is to describe the steps needed to confure the Allworx 6x More information s Why IP PBX?

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2 REGISTER More information How to extend Skype to My PBX 1. 2 1.3 Allocate Skype Credit to the SIP More information Internet Telephony PBX System T1/E1 Gateway With IP PBX Application Copyrht PLANET Technology Corporation. Case 35: With IP PBX Application Head Office E1 PABX interconnect with More information Avaya Solution & Interoperability Test Lab Application Notes for Avaya IP Office 7.0 Integration with Skype Connect R2.0 Issue 1.0 Abstract These Application Notes describe the steps to confure an Avaya More information Avaya IP Office 8.1 Confuration Guide Performed By tekvizion PVS, Inc.

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2 1.2 Create a SIP Profile and buy a Channel Subscription... This method of sending and receiving faxes has several drawbacks More information SIP Trunking Test Results for Cuda Tel Communication Server Table of Contents 1. Version Date Status Owner 1.0 2009-11-09 Released 1.1 2010-01-05 Hints for Fax added Provider hints and new layout 1.2 2010-12-17 Additional hints and corrections 1.3 2011-05-19 Updates for new STUN More information Dium Switchvox SIP Trunking using Optimum Business SIP Trunk Adaptor and the Dium Switchvox AA65 IP-PBX v23695 Goal The purpose of this confuration guide is to describe the steps needed to confure More information SIP Trunking Confuration Guide for Barracuda Phone System Release 3.x Document Table of Contents 1 Audience... Traditional More information Confuring the PBX Routing Table for outbound s (with security against unsecured s) The Quadro s Routing Table (CRT) defines how incoming and outgoing s will be handled by the Quadro. 4 4 Description More information (GSM Trunking) WHITE/cal PAPER Author: Srinivasa Rao Bommana ([email protected]) Table of Contents 1.

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By adding Skype Connect More information Confuring Quadro IP PBXs with "SIP Connect" Revision: 1.0 Abstract: This document describes how to confure the Quadro IP PBXs to use the IP-PSTN service from SIP Connect PAGE 1 Document Revision History More information Assumptions: Confuring Positron s V114 as a Vo IP gateway for a 3cx system The IP address of the V114 is The IP address of the 3CX PBX System is 3CX already has some IP phones More information Skype Connect Certification Overview Version 3.1 Copyrht Skype Limited 2011 Introduction to Skype Connect Skype has revolutionized internet communications by extending Skype to the global business community More information Voice Gear/3CX Integration Guide Ver.0.1 Page 2 1. 3 1.1 SETTING UP 3CX PBX...4 1.2 SETTING UP VOICEGEAR GATEWAY...5 2. 6 2.1 3CX CONFURATION...7 2.2 VOICEGEAR More information ! The Vo IP Phone system is evolving, which is why you will find SIP based, IP PBXs like pbxnsip, offering more value for money and features than a traditional proprietary phone system.

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