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You will see what genres you tend to favor and those that you short-change. Large capacity audio players can help you to enjoy your music in a way that the dimensions of today’s generation of flash players simply does not allow.

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You will discover holes in your collection “What I don’t own a single Beatles CD? The Toshiba F40 ships with ear buds, a cradle, a pair of manuals, an applications software CD, a coupon for a Napster trial software, a USB cable and an AC adapter.

Application Software gabeat <strong>room</strong> - Toshiba Canada

Application Software gabeat room - Toshiba Canada

The core application on the applications software CD is gabeat room, a music management program that runs on Windows-based personal computers.As with other hh capacity, hard disk drive based portable audio players, the Toshiba Gabeat F40 allows you to consolidate a vast catalog of music within its relatively diminutive dimensions.

Gabeat MEG-F40 Support Toshiba

Gabeat room is somewhat akin to i Tunes or Windows Media Player, although it is dedicated for use with Toshiba’s audio players. Though lht, it feels solid in the hand and has heft. Control buttons arrayed down the left-side of the case glow a cool shade of blue when active.

Gigabeat room manual page 40:

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