Futaba fc-18 user manual

Spartan UltraPAC

All Ultra PAC modules are fully compatible with the following transmitters: All versions of Futaba 9Z, 9ZWC, 9ZWC2 (a.k.a. Field Force 10 or FF10) All versions of Futaba 9C (a.k.a.

DUPLEX Tx - Jonathan

Field Force 9 or FF9) All versions of Futaba 8U (a.k.a.

Spartan UltraPAC

Duplex TU2 EX JETI model s. r. o.

Field Force 8 or FF8) Robbe FC-18 with firmware v3 or newer Robbe FC-28 with firmware v3 or newer * Subject to the functionality offered by your radio.DUPLEX TU2 EX module is suitable for all transmitters, especially for those with non-exchangeable HF plug-in modules.

User Manual - BaseCam Electronics

** Protocol extensions offer increased functionality of the Ultra PAC when it is connected with a personal computer allowing compatible editing software to access any of the memory banks automatiy without having to manually switch between them.

Futaba fc-18 user manual:

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