Dillon xl 650 instruction manual

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If you need to reverse the system, simply flip the toggle switch to reverse and press the foot pedal.

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The AUTO-DRIVE comes fully assembled and mounted on the steel base. PLEASE NOTE: The XL650 AUTO-DRIVE system is available with only one choice of gearhead speed and hand/foot operation.

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This Time we are giving away a Brian Enos Sned copy of Piratical Shooting Book, one tube of Slide Glide, and Slide Glide Lite.The full pivoting system allows the arm to work in one continous motion.

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AUTO-DRIVE for DILLON (XL 650) Part # Auto Drive650 - 900 Hand, Auto Dr650F - 900 Foot All the Auto Drive's draw 4.5 Amps and plug into a standard 110 Volt outlet The AUTO-DRIVE is easily operated by pressing down on the foot pedal.

Dillon xl 650 instruction manual:

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