Bunker hill safe instruction manual

How to reset code on an electronic safe - YouTube

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Had i know there was a red reset button inside the safe and how to use it, i mht have been able to push it using a flexshaft through the little hole in the back of the safe,but a grinder is more i cut a b enough hole to remove the contents. knowing that the code was still valid and working, tring to reset the safe by poking the red button thru the whole probably wouldn't have helped.

How to reset code on an electronic <i>safe</i> - YouTube

How to open dital safe when battery is flat and key not working.

To download your free copy, visit the Adobe website.Omg - the warming of the door tip works brilliantly. but in the pics above, you can see that the door mech is secured by a solinoid, which needs to move downwards in order to allow the 'key' to turn.

Bunker Hill Dital Safe 45891 Manual - Free Software and Shareware.

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Bunker hill safe instruction manual:

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