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20 mins to heat up the door and 10 min to cool down. I drilled a 1.5 hole in the back and was able to push the red button with a wood stick. This does not seem to be mentioned in the usage instructions, which are surprisingly terse. therefore I entered the code and gave the top of the safe a heavy whack (in true Fonzie style) and the 'key' turned...presto!! I managed to reset the code but just like you, I was unable to open the door. Best wishes, your batteries are getting low but have enough power for you to enter your code and you can hear the beeps but the batteries are to low to activate the solenoid.

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How to open dital safe when battery is flat and key not working.

Select a model from the menu below to download the owner's manual.But need to be patient and follow to the T the timings. I was given a steelcity electronic safe with out a combo to open it. Help to open the safe that has no bypass lock, look under the key pad area, underneath, there should be a socket there like a phone connection, this is an override thing for hotels to use, so what you need to do is get an old phone cable, cut the cables on each end , you should have two cables on each end, now you will have to prise The phone socket part out from the safe as far as you canwithout completely disconnecting the entire unit, so get a 6v batt from alarm system, or you will have to buy one, join both bare cables to the batt, and then put one cable onto the phone socket that you prised out, have a good look up into the section, where you prised this socket out from and in around the key pad areayou should see other wire connections, so the second bare wire you will have to try to hit one of those connections, its trail and error, but if you have the rht connection at the phone socket part, and you make the other connection with the rht cable joint behind the keypad you should be getting the power to the door lock, remember its trail and error , you will have to do this a couple of times to make sure you are hitting the rht connection, its works I just solved the same problem on my safe , i hope this helps you . so I assumed the batteries didn't have enough power to activate the solinoid.

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Omg - the warming of the door tip works brilliantly. but in the pics above, you can see that the door mech is secured by a solinoid, which needs to move downwards in order to allow the 'key' to turn.

Bunker hill safe instruction manual:

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