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The Iowa Soap Company materials include a notebook of accounts and commissions that Johnson maintained while working for the company. The William Adler Advertising Agency, 1947-1979, played a large role in promoting Aladdin and its products.

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Founded in 1905, the Iowa Soap Company produced a full line of toilet and laundry soaps that were sold to grocery and drug stores. Angeletti files, 1934-1940, which include small, paper lampshade desns. Millar, attorney for the Mantle Lamp Company of America and N. Many of the promotional campans and other literature about Aladdin products can be found here.

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A colour touchscreen beautifully displays dital recipes with guided cooking - making your life easier. The subject files are arranged alphabetiy and include a wide variety of topics concentrating on legal and patent matters. These desns are numbered 1-12 and are in pencil and ink. Weaver files, 1916-1918, consist of correspondence between W. The Carl Bramming files document the head of research and development at Aladdin and provide insht into product development through the drawings found in the files.

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This series is divided into two small subseries: Burlington (Iowa) Soap Company, 1906-1908, and subject files, 1912-1983. Additionally, files on the Mantle Lamp Company of America, 1919-1927, deal with patent infringement, royalty checks, and other legal matters. The files include correspondence (both incoming and outgoing), product literature, internal memos, drawings, advertisements, financial data, company histories, and documentation on Aladdins subsidiaries, such as Aladdin Electronics and Aladdin Synergetics Inc. There are several subject files that are noteworthy.

Brunch thermo service manual:

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