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I would like to, to the extent that is reasonably possible, provide the means for locating this lab manual to anyone reading my notes in the far future, even if the orinal author removes the manual from the web page I found it at.

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In my research notes, I try to cite relevant material in a format resembling usual citation styles of well-known journals, both to build a habit and because it happens to be a good way to keep track of precisely what information I based my decisions on.

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However, this lab manual does not have a DOI or ISBN and the PDF itself does not provide enough information to uniquely identify it in a traditional fashion.This lab manual illustrates the que very well, with concise description, useful tips on fine points of the procedure and nice, helpful pictures of how the procedure should be performed.

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While looking for information on how to perform a particular basic lab que, I found the lab manual from another university's undergraduate lab course.

Biological investigation lab manual:

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