Biological investigation lab manual

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I would like to, to the extent that is reasonably possible, provide the means for locating this lab manual to anyone reading my notes in the far future, even if the orinal author removes the manual from the web page I found it at.

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While looking for information on how to perform a particular basic lab que, I found the lab manual from another university's undergraduate lab course.

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This lab manual illustrates the que very well, with concise description, useful tips on fine points of the procedure and nice, helpful pictures of how the procedure should be performed.What is the best way to cite it, to ensure that future readers of my notebook will be able to follow the citation without being hopelessly confused about which document I am talking about?

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By looking at the URL it was posted under, I can deduce a fair bit regarding exactly what course this document pertains to (in my particular case, it seems to be the 2013/2014 version of the lab manual of the Bi204 course at Boston University, hosted here).

Biological investigation lab manual:

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