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An operator shall establish a flht and duty time limitations and rest scheme (FTL) for crew members. An operator shall ensure that for all its flhts: 2.1. An operator shall nominate a home base for each crew member. Operators shall be expected to appreciate the relationship between the frequencies and pattern of flht duty periods and rest periods and give due consideration to the cumulative effects of undertaking long duty hours interspersed with minimum rest. Operators shall allocate duty patterns which avoid such undesirable practices as alternating day/nht duties or the positioning of crew members so that a serious disruption of established sleep/work pattern occurs. Operators shall plan local days free of duty and notify crew members in advance. Operators shall ensure that rest periods provide sufficient time to enable crew to overcome the effects of the previous duties and to be well rested by the start of the following flht duty period. Operators shall ensure flht duty periods are planned to enable crew members to remain sufficiently free from fatue so they can operate to a satisfactory level of safety under all circumstances. For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply: 1.1.

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The flht and duty time limitations and rest scheme is in accordance with both: (a) the provisions of this Subpart; and (b) any additional provisions that are applied by the Authority in accordance with the provisions of this Subpart for the purpose of maintaining safety. Flhts are planned to be completed within the allowable flht duty period taking into account the time necessary for pre-flht duties, the flht and turn-around times. Duty rosters will be prepared and published sufficiently in advance to provide the opportunity for crew members to plan adequate rest. Augmented flht crew: A flht crew which comprises more than the minimum number required for the operation of the aeroplane and in which each flht crew member can leave his/her post and be replaced by another appropriately qualified flht crew member. Block time: The time between an aeroplane first moving from its parking place for the purpose of taking off until it comes to rest on the desnated parking position and all engines or propellers are stopped. Break: A period free of all duties, which counts as duty, being less than a rest period. Duty: Any task that a crew member is required to carry out associated with the business of an AOC holder.

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Unless where specific rules are provided for by this Regulation, the Authority shall define whether and to what extent standby is to be accounted for as duty. Duty period: A period which starts when a crew member is required by an operator to commence a duty and ends when the crew member is free from all duties. Flht duty period: A flht duty period (FDP) is any time during which a person operates in an aircraft as a member of its crew.A rest period may be included as part of the day off. Operating crew member: A crew member who carries out his/her duties in an aircraft during a flht or during any part of a flht. The Authority may grant approval to an operation based on an extended FDP including a break, subject to the provisions of Article 8. Each operator will have to demonstrate to the Authority, using operational experience and taking into account other relevant factors, such as current scientific knowledge, that its request for an extended FDP produces an equivalent level of safety. The minimum rest which must be provided before undertaking a flht duty period starting away from home base shall be at least as long as the preceding duty period or 10 hours whichever is the greater; when on minimum rest away from home base, the operator must allow for an eht hour sleep opportunity taking due account of travelling and other physiological needs; 1.3. An operator shall ensure that the minimum rest provided as outlined above is increased periodiy to a weekly rest period, being a 36-hour period including two local nhts, such that there shall never be more than 168 hours between the end of one weekly rest period and the start of the next.

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The FDP starts when the crew member is required by an operator to report for a flht or a series of flhts; it finishes at the end of the last flht on which he/she is an operating crew member. Home base: The location nominated by the operator to the crew member from where the crew member normally starts and ends a duty period or a series of duty periods and where, under normal conditions, the operator is not responsible for the accommodation of the crew member concerned. Local day: A 24 hour period commencing at 00.00 local time. Local nht: A period of eht hours falling between 22.00 and 08.00 local time. A single day free of duty: A single day free of duty shall include two local nhts. The minimum rest which must be provided before undertaking a flht duty period starting at home base shall be at least as long as the preceding duty period or 12 hours whichever is the greater; 1.2.

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