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These are the differences between the Pro VLA and the Pro VLA II:1. 4d Bu/-10d Bv mode switch optimizes the unit for Pro OR consumer operating system levels.b.

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Enhanced Link mode In link mode, CH1 output control acts as a master output level and CH2 becomes a Balance control. (This is program dependant at shorter release rates).c. Heavier chassis and cover ruggedized for longer life on the road.6. Toroidal transformer reduces mechanical and electrical hum.c.

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Opto-compressor with mastering-quality audio snal path and tube gain stage. This optimizes the Pro VLA II for use as a mastering processor.2. The old VLA has balanced outputs that have 6d B more gain than when using them in the unbalanced mode. Always monitors the output level allowing the user to view Both input and output levels at the same time.b. The Old VLA compressor has switches that allow the user to adjust the attack time between "Fast" (1m Sec) and "Normal" (10m Sec). Improved detector that lowers low frequency distortion at fast release rates.5. Rounded front panel machined to countersink all knobs and level meters.b.

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The Pro VLA by ART is a tube driven Vactrol-based Compressor/Leveling amplifier desned to excel in any professional audio application, including tracking, mixing, mastering, live sound or broadcast situations. Old threshold = -20 to 15, New Threshold range = -30d B to 20d B.b.

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