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This booklet was assned the official publication number of D656/27 and given the name Terfibel, which means Ter primer.

M1 Armor Crewman 19K

The task of writing the new training manual was assned to Leutnant Josef von Glatter-Goetz.

<strong>Armor</strong> <strong>crewman</strong> physical proficiency test - Fort Benning - Army

M1A2 Basic Vehicle Training Qualification

Glatter-Goetz conceived the idea of writing a manual that would get the attention of the young men training on the Ter.Ter crewman went through many hours of both classroom and hands-on training at the panzer school located in Paderborn, Germany.

Device-Based Training of Armor Crewmen

To do this he used humorous and risque cartoon illustrations along with slang the combat troops would identify with.

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