Armor crewman manual training

What Does a 19K - M1 Armor Crewman Really Do?

This booklet was assned the official publication number of D656/27 and given the name Terfibel, which means Ter primer.

Device-Based Training of Armor Crewmen

The task of writing the new training manual was assned to Leutnant Josef von Glatter-Goetz.

<i>Armor</i> <i>crewman</i> physical proficiency test - Fort Benning - Army

Pilot training manual for the LHTNING P-38 –.

Glatter-Goetz conceived the idea of writing a manual that would get the attention of the young men training on the Ter.The illustrations in the Terfibel were done by Obergrenadier Gessinger and Unteroffizier Wagner.

M1A2 Basic Vehicle Training Qualification

To do this he used humorous and risque cartoon illustrations along with slang the combat troops would identify with.

Armor crewman manual training:

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