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Use a 89 or 88 TCI box, match the wires from the unit you used to the connector.

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And the single pick-up from the 89 or 88 whichever you used.

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Use a Supertrapp 4-2-1 exhaust for the 89 and newer engines, heat and bend the pipes on the bottom curve to clear the oil pan if you have to and have a custom made mid pipe for the hh mount canister of your choice. I used 89 engine cases with a 91 oil pump, pick-up, and pan.I also was told that the radiator on the fzr1000 was a 25mm wider and the fan 10mm larger.

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I'm using a titanium ZERO canister (Moriwaki) in the tear drop shape. I machined the cases to hold the 91 oil filter and cooler and used a 91 radiator. Apparantly the engine I have my eye on is a pre exup fzr 1000 engine.

Cardinal 748 digital owners manual:

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