Weathermatic smartline sl800 manual


Plants haven't been genetiy engineered (yet) to think like humans, but a new generation of "smart" irration controllers is thinking for them - and for us.

Letting the weather control the water - SFGate

These hh-efficiency systems can be heroes in the garden.

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According to Water Sense, an Environmental Protection Agency water-conservation program, as much as 70 percent of a home's total water use during the dry season may go to landscape irration, and some experts estimate that more than 50 percent of landscape water is wasted because of evaporation, wind or overwatering.Smart controllers work by delivering the rht amount of water to plants, creating healthier growing conditions with improved plant performance, plus fewer pests and diseases.


"Smart controllers can have a large impact on making every drop of irration count toward keeping your landscape well-watered, healthy and beautiful," says Cynthia Havstad, program manager at

Weathermatic smartline sl800 manual:

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