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One of my calculator-collecting interests is special-purpose calculators, and among those, calculators preprogrammed for business and finance calculations are probably the most numerous. TI Business Analyst I: Same functions as the Business Analyst in a different-looking package.1. Business Edge: Just pulled out of darkness for the photograph--the net result is that the entire LCD display is visible at once.

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And once again, we kick things off with the best (and others) from Texas Instruments. TI Business Analyst: The top "Compute" line allows calculations of annuity values; the lower one handles cost analysis. TI Money Manager: We've seen these functions before...2. The five rectangles at the bottom of the screen are touch-sensitive keys which can be set to perform four functions each by using the red keys.2.

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TI-MBA: An upgrade from the others, this one combines the financial functionality of the BA line with the (admittedly limited) programmability of the TI-55.1. The traditional business functions are bundled into a calculator desned for and marketed to business students.2. A slhtly different case desn houses the essential business functions. BA-20: This inexpensive business calculator is degined as a small desktop machine and also includes a clock.Note well the "000" key at the lower left for ease in entering large numbers.

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TI BA II Plus: This is a streamlined version of the Advanced Business Analyst, circa 2000.1. TI-BA-55: Like the MBA, this one is also programmable.1.

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