Subaru manual transmission pops out of gear

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There have been cases of children and even animals left in cars "for only a minute" releasing the hand brake and rolling away into disaster!

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NMCertainly the putting the car in gear BEFORE you switch off is a new one on me but one good reason is for an extra level of protection on top of the hand brake.

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It serves the same purpose as putting an automatic into park.Putting a standard shift into 1st or reverse after parking is second nature to me---and to others who learned to drive with stick shifts.

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Let me re-phrase one thing : I am not certain that the others who drive the car actually put in into gear before parking, I only know it is in gear when I go to start it next. The point is : why leave the car in gear when it is off and parked ?

Subaru manual transmission pops out of gear:

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