Subaru manual transmission pops out of gear

Sning my assembly with a strong name stops it from working.

Let me re-phrase one thing : I am not certain that the others who drive the car actually put in into gear before parking, I only know it is in gear when I go to start it next. The point is : why leave the car in gear when it is off and parked ?

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Putting a standard shift into 1st or reverse after parking is second nature to me---and to others who learned to drive with stick shifts.

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Subaru 75W90 Hh Performance Gear/Transmission Fluid-1.

If I can help it, I will never drive another automatic again. Whenever someone else drives my car (whether its the lube guy who pulls the car around, or the tire guy who pulls the car around, or a friend who parks the car when I have had a bit too much) they always put it in first gear before they turn the engine off. In fact, when the aforesaid do leave the car in gear, it bucks like a stallion when I try to start it without the clutch in. Also, is it better for the transmission to leave it in gear ? Of course you have to remember to take it out of gear before you start up again or you look really uncool! There have been cases of children and even animals left in cars "for only a minute" releasing the hand brake and rolling away into disaster!

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One use I have found is when it is VERY cold the hand brake can freeze on - whereas being in gear holds the car just as well without any such risk.

Subaru manual transmission pops out of gear:

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